2018 Construction Projects

Airline ServiceFacility

Commercial aircraft that park at the Terminal must emptywaste from the aircraft lavatory as part of the aircraft cleaning process.  This project will construct a centrally –locatedlavatory waste facility for use by all the commercial airlines servicingBillings.  The project cost is estimatedat $150,000.

ARFF Ramp Paving

This project includes extending the concrete pad in front ofthe equipment bays and repaving the aprons in front of the equipment and firebays.  The project cost is estimated at$117,500.

MiscellaneousTerminal Building and ARFF Building Reroofing

On the Terminal Building, the roof over the front and entryparapet areas are scheduled for replacement. This will cover the expanded area in front of the ticketing area insidethe Terminal Building.  This project costis estimated at $160,000.

The first phase of the ARFF Building Reroof project willreplace roof that was damaged during two recent hail storms that causedleaks.  This project cost is estimated at$350,000.

Concourse BRestroom Remodel

This project completely remodels the restrooms on ConcourseB utilizing a new "individual" concept.  The project also adds restrooms and providesall new fixtures and finishes for the restrooms. The project cost is estimatedat $1,240,000.

New WarehouseStorage Building

This project will construct a new warehouse facility thatwill be leased to the BLM, an existing tenant at the Airport.  Preliminary estimates for this project are$500,000.

Airport HouseRemoval

This project will involve demolition and removal of an old,vacant house located on Airport property that is no longer utilized.  The building has been damaged by hail andvandalism.  The project cost is estimatedat $20,000.

Project Map