Traveler Information - Special Needs


Special Needs Advisory From Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

  • Are you a traveler with a disability or a medical condition?
  • Are you traveling with small children or special items?
  • Are you seeing a member of the U.S. Armed Forces off on a deployment?

         In Advance

         There are a number of special circumstances that could slow a traveler's progress through the security          screening line. However, knowing in advance how certain special circumstances will be handled will               make your screening experience easier.


         The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Website has many tips for travelers. For information          regarding the questions above and other important travel tips, visit the "For Travelers" tab on the TSA          Website. 


        Passenger Support

TSA Cares is a helpline that provides travelers with information on special circumstances requiring
         additional assistance during the security screening process.






rvice Area Relief Areas (SARAs)

The Airport has two pre-security animal relief areas and one post-security animal relief area.
Pre-security animal relief areas are located outside of the Terminal, on the grassy areas at both ends of the building. Look for the signed posts outside of Doors 1 and 4.  Plastic bags and a container for disposal of solid waste are provided at each of these facilities.
The post-security animal relief area is accessible from the Concourse level.  Look for the SARA signs throughout the Concourse for directions to the new indoor SARA.  An elevator is available to descend to the ground level.  Plastic bags, a container for disposal of solid waste, and hand sanitizer are available at this facility.

Lactation Rooms

The Airport has two lactation rooms - one pre-security on the lower level adjacent to the passenger screening area, and one post-security on Concourse B.

Pre-Security Room

           Located adjacent to, but separate from, the Women's restrooms, the private room is equipped 
           with a glider chair, loveseat, changing table, hand sanitizer, towels, electrical outlet, clock and 
           a speaker for all announcements within the Terminal Building, and a locking door. 

Post-Security Room (Temporary)

           Due to ongoing construction, a temporary location on the Concourse level has been set up
           in the last room of the new Women's restrooms.  The private room is equipped with a chair,
           changing table, electrical outlet, and a locking door.  All announcements within the Terminal
            Building are audible from this room.