Bid & Proposal Procedure

Advertising & Posting

The Airport advertises requests for bids or proposals on any of its projects or service requests in the Yellowstone County News, a local weekly newspaper, and occasionally in the Billings Gazette, a local daily newspaper, and various national professional publications as needed. Advertisements typically are published once per week for two consecutive weeks.


Notices of bids or proposals are also posted on the Airport Website. Anyone interested in receiving notice of these bids or proposals may also participate in the no-cost online subscription service Notify Me.

Receiving & Opening Bids/Proposals

Responses to requests for bids are typically sent to the City of Billings City Clerk's office. Bids are publicly opened at 2:00 p.m. MST on Tuesdays. Submittal and opening details are included in every request for bid notice.


Responses to requests for proposals or qualifications are typically sent to the Airport Administration office. Submittals are due at the close of business on the due date. Submittal and opening details are included in every request for proposals/qualifications notice.

NOTE:  Bid or proposal notices or specifications are only available during the open period prior to the submittal deadline.  After the submittal deadline has passed, documents will no longer be available online.