Area of Influence


The Airport Influence Area was enacted via Ordinance 86-4687 and is included in the Billings Montana City Code (BMCC) as Article 5-400.

Finding and Purpose

Obstructions, tall trees, structures, and certain types of developments situated in the vicinity of airports endanger the lives and property of users of the airport and of occupants of land in its vicinity; reduce the area available for landing, taking off, and maneuvering aircraft; and increase the likelihood of legal action against the city for noise nuisance, thus destroying the utility of the airports and the public investment in them. It is therefore the intent of this article to apply special height and land development standards in airport approach and noise exposure areas for the purposes of:
(1) Promoting the health, safety, and general welfare of the general public.
(2) Increasing safety in the use of airports.
(3) Protecting persons and property within the district and elsewhere.
(4) Encouraging land uses that will complement and be compatible with the airport and the physical and visual aspects of the environment

Document Availability

Article 5-400 - Airport Influence Area, in its entirely is available for download.