Travel Tips

General Information

  • Label your luggage
  • Pack medications in carry-on bag
  • Check with airline to be sure to arrive in plenty of time
  • Never leave luggage unattended
  • Collect baggage promptly after landing
  • As you board the aircraft, count the rows both forward and behind your row to be aware of the shortest distance to an exit in case of an emergency.
  • Read the passenger safety card in your seat back pocket and look for details on where the exits are located, how they work and how evacuation slides deploy.
  • Listen to the flight attendant's instructions and demonstration.
  • Fasten your seat belt.  Consider keeping it fastened even if the captain turns off the seat belt sign; as air turbulence can occur without warning.
  • Keep the window shades open on take off and landing so that you are aware of outside conditions should there be an emergency.

Children Flying Alone

  • Consider the maturity of the child - best if on non-stop flights
  • Coordinate with the person who is picking the child up
  • Inform child on what to expect during the flight and appropriate behavior for them
  • Request appropriate seating
  • Review airline policies
  • Wait with child until boarded
  • Identify the lead flight attendant

Traveling with Children

  • Allow for extra time
  • Use child restraint system for children under 40 lbs
  • Prepare a carry on bag with entertainment and snacks
  • Consider a collapsible stroller if child is young
  • Seat child away from aisle
  • TSA Website.

Fear of Traveling

  • Never rush, stay calm and arrive early to allow for plenty of time
  • Eat something prior to flight
  • Think positive
  • Try and relax, distract yourself by reading or listening to music

Hunting & Fishing

  • Firearms must be in a hard case, unloaded, and checked with baggage. The same rules apply to bow and arrows
  • Ammunition must be in factory box
  • Black powder or percussion caps are not permitted on plane
  • Tackle equipment must be checked with luggage

Pet Travel

  • Always check with airlines first for restrictions
  • Have current vaccination papers with you and additional fees may be charged
  • Feed your pet at least two hours before boarding
  • Pets must be in a travel container of some kind

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